The fixing without additional plugs for cables and pipes


  • The fischer conduit clip FCNS and FCND combine the functions of pipe clip, plug and screw in one product and thus save time and money.
  • Installation is quick, without a separate plug and screw process, but just by hammering in the clip.
  • The conduit clip securely surrounds and fixes the pipe.
  • Versions as single and double clips with diameters of 16, 20, 22 and 25 mm offer an application-specific selection.
  • The conduit clip is made of halogen-free material.

Elérhető termékváltozatok


Alkalmazás és engedély

  • Plastic, empty pipes
  • Aluminium-, copper- and steel pipes
  • Flexible and rigid plastic pipes
  • Beton
  • Tömör tégla
* Részletes információkat az építőanyagokról a regisztrációs dokumentumban talál.

Szerelési utasítás

  • After finishing the drill hole, the plastic pipe and the conduit clip are pre-positioned.
  • The conduit clip is fastened directly in the building material with hammer blows.